Weight Loss Program

Weight Management/Bariatric Program

Looking good is not the only reason to lose weight. Trimming off those excess pounds can add years to your life. The Weight Management Program, headed by Thomas Hopkins, M.D., is a system designed to help you make the changes you need to see a life-long difference in your weight and health. Dr. Hopkins is a specialist in internal medicine and the treatment of obesity. His program offers everything you need to start on the path to a slimmer, healthier you.

Dr. Hopkins, together with your dietitian and fitness coach, work as a team to design and coordinate a program that is as individual as you are. There are no cookie-cutter diets and no high-priced foods to buy. You‚ll receive a personal plan that includes diet, exercise and behavior modification. In those cases where it is recommended, Dr. Hopkins can prescribe medications needed to aid you in your weight loss cause. And because it’s your program, he will take into account your body type, medical history, likes and dislikes, eating habits, schedule demands, and weight loss goals.

The Weight Management Program, under the supervision of Dr. Hopkins, offers everything you need, including classes, exercise programs, support groups, nutritional advice and supplements. When you work with Dr. Hopkins, you can be assured your progress will be closely monitored as you slim down and your health will be the first priority.

For those patients seeking a surgical option for weight loss, the Sutter Bariatric Program is available as the integration of medical weight loss with surgical intervention. Dr. Hopkins and Dr. Patching serve as co-medical directors of this unique Bariatric Program that is designed to treat obesity as a disease, and not a condition that results from a lack of willpower or personal failure. This program combines the medical services provided by Dr. Hopkins, with the surgical services provided by Dr. Steve Patching and Dr. Gary Grinburg. With a team of weight loss specialists, the Sutter Bariatric Program is designed to help patients and physicians with the treatment of obesity in a disease management program. Under this program, pre- and post-bariatric care is provided to insure successful outcomes.

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