The health care environment continues to grow with uncertainty cause everyone to feel anxious about their health care in the future. I have heard from several of you that our current political climate worries you, and you don’t know how to handle the stress that you are feeling. Here’s my message to you: Don’t worry, […] read more

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October 2011 Newsletter

Get Your Flu Shot! It’s that time of the year again when we have to reflect on the importance of making choices about our health care coverage and of course, getting a flu shot to help keep us healthy. September and October are the months that most people get their flu shots to protect them […] read more

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June 2011 Newsletter

We welcome you to our practice. This is your place to call home for your medical needs and services.  We are here to service you with respect and professionalism. Let the Sun Shine! If you are like me, you could use a bit of sunshine. The rain, the wind, and the gray skies can have […] read more

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Online Medical Consultations

Dr. Hopkins is now offering online medical consultations as part of his new virtual medical practice! This will allow patients to access Dr. Hopkins through the Internet for answers to common medical questions about conditions and treatment recommendations, for a nominal fee. Patients will also be able to view their lab results online before the […] read more

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Order and view your lab results online

My E-check Up will allow Dr. Hopkins’ patients to request laboratory tests prior to their office visit. This feature will be offered to patients who seek an online consultation with review of their laboratory results. read more

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