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Know Your Numbers!

Do you know your blood pressure? Do you know your blood sugars? Do you know your cholesterol numbers?

Everyone should know these basic health paramaters whether or not they are affected by these conditions. 

Know your numbers!

Get screening done!

Incorporate preventive care in your lifestyle to reduce your health risks. 

The rates of diabetetes, obesity and heart disease continue to rise.  Patient adherence to taking their medications, knowing their numbers and keeping up with health appointments has proven to help with disease management and improving longevity.

Here's what you can do today if you have hypertension, diabetes, and heart disease:

Monitor your blood pressure, monitor your blood sugars, monitor your cholesterol levels, and take your medications as directed.










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We welcome you to our practice. This is your place to call home for your medical needs and services. We are here to service you with respect and professionalism.

Older and View Your Lab Results Online

My E-check Up will allow Dr. Hopkins’ patients to request laboratory tests prior to their office visit. This feature will be offered to patients who seek an online consultation with review of their laboratory results.